You need a battery that’s reliable and powerful to ensure a smooth ride for the off road adventure  or If you want to upgrade and switch to a new 4X4 battery and don’t know where to start, OZZYPOWER is one of the Marshall battery Store Chain and roadside assistance providers in the Sydney south west region.

Unlike standard car batteries that are made to travel on sealed, smooth roads, 4×4 or 4WD (4 wheel drive) batteries are designed to resist the hard wear and tear of off-road driving within harsh conditions and be compatible with today’s accessories fitted on the four-wheel-drive vehicles.

Vibration and rough, bumpy roads may have impact and can lead to damage in the battery’s case and within the internal plates and other components.

This results in leaks, causing corrosion, and ultimately, battery failure. 

4×4 batteries not only have the power to start and crank over much larger high compression engines but also provide the reserve capacity(RC) and amp per hour (AH) needed to run auxiliary equipment such as winches, spotlights, and GPS systems.and other equipment might be fitted.

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