Marine & Boat battery

The Best Marine & Boat Battery Brands are Here!

At OzzyPower, we stock the best in boat batteries in Sydney. A marine battery is more vibrant and resistant than a normal car battery and our range covers both wet and Absorbent Glass Mat battery (Optima battery).

Rated as No. 1 in Boat Battery Replacement Services in Sydney

Don’t want to pay a yearly fee? Don’t worry.
Call us and our rapid response team will get your boat battery replaced. Worry not about paying for a whole year.


Designed for the Rough and Tough Ozzy Sea

  • Some of the best features of our boat batteries are:
  • Consistent CCA or cold cranking amp starting capability
  • Greater durability even with repeated charge and recharge cycles
  • Competitive pricing on all types of marine batteries
  • 100% maintenance-free
  • Up to 2 years of warranty

Why Choose OzzyPower for Boat Batteries

  • Use our marine batteries for both recreational and commercial operators
  • Customers’ favourite for weekend anglers, campers, and jet ski enthusiasts
  • Call us anytime for an instant battery replacement
  • All types of payment accepted

When Will You Need Our Emergency Response?

Imagine you are about to go sailing with your family. You are all packed and ready to go when you realise that your boat battery is refusing to start. What do you do?

Worry no further and call us!

Our extensive range of marine, high-performance boat batteries are specifically designed to reduce the start-up time of your boat, be it for a deep cycle or for starting power.

Simply reach out to us and our team of marine battery experts will come to you in the shortest time possible.

Changing a boat battery is not an easy job. Why take pains when you can rely on us, the experts in the marine battery in Sydney industry.

Here is why you need professional help while changing batteries

  • Save your boat from the risk of damage that might happen if you let anyone else other than an expert change the battery.
  • Boat battery is termed as hazardous waste. Why take the risk alone?
  • Plugging in the boat battery wrong might lead to a fire. Are you willing to take that risk?

Entrust your boat battery replacement to the most reliable battery replacement experts.

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